‘Still waiting’: Obamacare website functionality held hostage, day 5

urrgh got kicked out of #healthcaregov now traffic is jamming the site .. #frustrating Whoever developed needs to be furloughed indefinetly! — Brian Norris (@Geek_Nurse) October 5, 2013 The identity verification system has already thwarted many Obamacare shoppers, and the problems are persisting in other areas of HealthCare.gov. The Obama administration announced that the site […]

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn wishes she’d ‘clawed’ Sarah Palin’s ‘racist face’

best I didnt c this http://t.co/RxfYOfjH B4 sitting near @sarahpalinusa @DWTS. Id've clawed the 5 layers of pancake off her racist face! — Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) October 24, 2012 Liberal “General Hospital” actress Nancy Lee Grahn didn’t care for a phrase Sarah Palin used while calling out President Obama for misleading the American public […]