Obama says citizens lamenting health insurance loss are ‘grossly misleading’

http://twitter.com/#!/BDayspring/status/395647835733245952 It was bad enough when President Stompy Foot was blaming his political opponents in Congress for his every woe. But this afternoon, he upped the schmuck ante by going after citizens, accusing those lamenting their loss of coverage of actively undermining Obamacare’s — and consequently his — success. http://twitter.com/#!/DavidMDrucker/status/395647424028356608 Yeah, he wants to make sure we […]

When I was 26: Grown-ups react to President Obama’s definition of ‘kids’

http://twitter.com/#!/bccohan/status/365922237196402689 A petulant President Obama today claimed that depriving 30 million people of health care had become the GOP’s “ideological fixation.” How many of those millions are kids? More than you’d suspect, considering that Obamacare lets children up to the age of 26 stay on their parents’ health plans. Sure, everyone is somebody’s child, but […]

Former UFC fighter Nate Quarry blasts Obamacare

http://twitter.com/#!/NateRockQuarry/status/395331349143248896 Ex-UFC fighter Nathan Quarry was among the millions of Americans who received a health insurance cancellation notice last year. Apparently things aren’t going so well with his current insurance company. In these tweets, he wonders if some insurers aren’t as concerned with customer service now that “It’s. The. Law.” http://twitter.com/#!/NateRockQuarry/status/423198956231720960 In October, Quarry took to […]