Dallas nurse SLAMS hospital; ‘Refused’ to work under unsafe conditions

http://twitter.com/#!/watson_hall/status/522709713805668352 This could be the scariest thing we’ve seen yet on Ebola. Meet Briana Aguirre, a nurse at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, who sat down with NBC’s Matt Lauer this morning and offered a blistering critique of her employer’s response to Ebola patient-zero Thomas Eric Duncan. Brianna alleges that the hospital “never talked about Ebola” prior […]

MacCallum: School canceled at sign of ‘1st snowflake’ but not for Ebola?

http://twitter.com/#!/countryokie1/status/518006380683206656 A man from Liberia remains hospitalized with Ebola in Dallas, Texas, the people in an apartment where he had been staying are being quarantined (kind of), and about 100 people who had contact with the infected man are being monitored. What about area schools? Martha MacCallum had a priorities question: Explain to me why […]

#HarrisvQuinn: Harris wins, significant blow to public employee union schemes

http://twitter.com/#!/SeanGHiggins/status/483611679993786368 Just in: The ruling in Harris vs. Quinn — the class-action lawsuit brought by parents of disabled kids in home health care who protested a Big Labor scheme in Illinois to dragoon them into a public employee union — is here. A link to the ruling. http://twitter.com/#!/floridajustice/status/483613294888882176 Some instant analysis: http://twitter.com/#!/SCOTUSblog/status/483612030427873280 http://twitter.com/#!/SeanGHiggins/status/483614370622996480 http://twitter.com/#!/UniteRight/status/483614755182354433 We’ll […]

O-care exchanges: ‘Retweet if you’re excited to be covered’; Nothing ensues

http://twitter.com/#!/NYStateofHealth/status/418804903184969728 At the time this post was published, it has been almost seven hours since @NYStateofHealth sent out the “retweet if you’re covered” request. So far they’ve had two retweets. However, New York’s Obamacare exchange did hear about other things: http://twitter.com/#!/XstaceeX/status/418810338742910976 http://twitter.com/#!/nearlynot/status/418814669348823042 Feel the excitement! The DC Obamacare exchange tweeted a similar request over four […]