Mount Rushmore to reopen Monday thanks to donated funds

Gov Daugaard and SD partners to reopen Mt. Rushmore on Monday! — Jim D. Seward (@jimdseward) October 11, 2013 The nation’s state parks, closed to the government shutdown, are beginning to reopen through deals between state governors and the Department of the Interior. Several parks in Utah will partially reopen this weekend after a deal was […]

Sidesplitting! DNC tweets most absurd O-care claim? NRSC delivers epic slam

In states across the country, there are good signs for #Obamacare —> — The Democrats (@TheDemocrats) November 18, 2013 Seriously, guys. Stop it! Giggling is our cardio and you are making our workouts far too intense! The DNC’s most absurd tweet yet? Citizens swiftly mocked like the wind. Fairy tales, can come true, it […]

Chinese boy sells kidney to buy an iPad

A 17yr old boy in China sold his kidney to buy an ipad and iphone, jeezo! — Victoria C (@Toria1) April 6, 2012 there's clearly a bad joke hiding in this story about how #apple *is* killing Chinese over #iPad / #iPhones after all — Steve Bohlen (@sbohlen) April 6, 2012 How far would […]

Michael Moore wonders: ‘What the hell is Barack Obama’s presidency for?’

"What the hell is Barack Obama's presidency for?" — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) February 24, 2014 What the hell is Barack Obama’s presidency for? It’s not Michael Moore himself asking; rather, he directed his followers to a column by the same name in Sunday’s Guardian newspaper. Writer Gary Younge wrote the piece, which is anything […]