Even CNN calls out Obama SuperPAC’s ad; Bill Burton defends to Wolf Blitzer

http://twitter.com/#!/wolfblitzer/status/233227555933671425 Introducing his interview with Bill Burton, the Priorities USA strategist behind the ad linking Mitt Romney to a woman’s cancer death, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer pulled no punches, calling the spot “inaccurate” straight out of the box. You know the narrative/straw-man has been burned when Wolf Blitzer calls an Obama campaign ad "wrong" and "deceptive" […]

DOJ drone memo revealed; Twitter reveals Obama’s drone quotes

http://twitter.com/#!/JonahNRO/status/298907914410807297 Well, that’s a win right there. But, there’s more. The White House is trying to distance itself from its own Department of Justice and the leaked confidential memo on drone strike policy, which revealed a very lenient policy indeed. Givers on Twitter decide to help the president out with some drone strike quotes. Have […]

Michelle Malkin puts OFA request for O-care support retweets to shame

http://twitter.com/#!/caseythehost/status/443070328546152448 Organizing for Action begged for retweets from those who are for “quality and affordable” health care for all: http://twitter.com/#!/OFA/status/443058310736908288 After an hour, there were just a few dozen retweets from an account with 294,000 followers. Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin put OFA’s request for retweets to shame by offering this more popular sentiment: http://twitter.com/#!/michellemalkin/status/443069364724457472 Now […]